See a short series of pictures about the building of the studio here!
The heart of the studio are the two ProTools systems.

One is controlled by a Mackie HUI and the other one by a ProControl
The main controlroom is designed to meet the demands of a 5.1 production and have a design by Ingemar Ohlsson, Audio Data Lab.

All rooms are floating and have a very high seperation.
The main studio is big with a small neutral ambiance to give acoustic instruments a lift but easy to fit in with an artificial room.

We also have some insruments and other backline available.
We have the possibility to send signals like sound, sync and video thru out the entire studio even the office and relax area.

All rooms are connected to the central machineroom.
And after a nice cup of coffee and a round of pinball it´s time to glide down the stairs to the studio and create fo the world...